Your Student Guide to the Hybrid Summer M.A. in Music and Music Education Program

Hybrid Summer M.A. Staff

Program Coordinator
Jameon Moss | 570-352-6506
Office: 525C Horace Mann

Program Director
Drew X Coles, Ed.D. | 646-598-6025
Office: 525J HMann

Music Education Office Secretary
Malika Amraoui | 212-678-3285
Office: 520 Horace Mann


The Hybrid Summer M.A. in Music and Music Education (M.A. M&ME) is a non-traditional, intensive program that accommodates many different students. Though we expect most learners to follow a similar course plan, we also provide flexibility to individuals who may have particular constraints or specific learning objectives.

We strongly recommend that students to get in touch early with their academic advisor and stay connected throughout the program. Plan on meeting with your advisor during each Summer Residency to discuss your academic plans for the coming year. If you want to deviate from the standard course plan, you must discuss this with and obtain approval from your academic advisor. Failure to do so may delay completion of your degree. Remember, do not wait to ask questions; we welcome hearing from you.

We also encourage students to use the Summer Residency as an opportunity to exchange information about the program with peers in both their and the other cohort. If it is your first Summer session, reach out to students in the cohort ahead of yours for insights that will help you take full advantage of your experience at Teachers College, and be sure to pay it forward when you return the following Summer.

Voice or Instrumental Applied Lessons

Hybrid Summer students typically take these lessons during the academic year from a teacher in their area, but may take lessons on campus during the Summer Residency. Take time to plan when and with whom you would like to take your Applied Lessons, and be sure to discuss any questions about your plans with the Hybrid Summer M.A. program coordinator.

Outside Instructor

To take Applied Lessons from a teacher outside of Teachers College, please fill out the form Applied Lessons: Request for Outside Instructor, which is available from the program coordinator. In addition to the form, you must attach a copy of your instructor’s CV or resume (not a bio). Since your instructor will be required to complete additional paperwork BEFORE you begin your lessons, you must submit your request at least six weeks prior to the start of the semester during which you wish to take lessons.

Teachers College Instructor

To take Applied Lessons from a teacher in Teachers College, you must first complete the online survey. Click on the link at the bottom of the Music Lessons page to fill out the survey.

Please note this survey is only active during TC registration periods. If you attempt to use this link when the registration period is not open, we will not receive your information. Once you have completed the survey, we will give you permission to register for the Applied Lessons course and email the appropriate CRN and course number to you. You can then register for it as you would any other TC course, using the myTC Portal and the add/drop classes tab.

Graduation Portfolio Requirements

To graduate from the summer graduate program for teachers, students must compile a portfolio based on coursework completed during the program. The portfolio demonstrates your learning and professional development. We assess your work in these areas: Content Knowledge, Pedagogy, Student and Self Assessment, and Professionalism.


Content Knowledge

  • Musical Performance Video Recording

    Video recording (solo, chamber or director/conductor music performance during the time you have been enrolled at TC)

  • Written Program for Video Recorded Performance

    Final project/paper from A&HM 5026, 5032 or 5033

  • Student Selected Essay/Project

    One project/paper from another music course that best demonstrates your Content Knowledge.

    Note: Select projects that are meaningful to you in your teaching and musicianship. If, for instance, you have an early childhood focus, you may want to include a significant project from A&HM 5022. Other projects may include, but are not limited to, research papers, creative strategies, assessment tools, teaching scripts with self-evaluations, case study, curriculum sequence, compositions and analyses.


  • Reflective Practice in Music Teaching (A&HM 4201) Final Project/Paper*

    Even though this course is taken twice, you only need to include one of the two projects.

  • Teaching Demonstration Video

    Take video of yourself teaching excerpts of a unit or different units. The video could be, but does not have to be, related to your submitted Reflective Practice in Music Teaching project. The video should be comprehensive and include more than one lesson.

    Note: Plan ahead. Be sure to complete a video of teaching demonstrations before your final Summer Residency to ensure you can complete your portfolio on deadline and graduate on schedule.

*Students who have not taken this course must consult with their academic advisor to determine an alternative component for their Graduation Portfolio.

Assessments: Students and Self

  • Teaching Demonstration SELF Reflection Video Essay (1 to 2 pages per teaching episode)

    After watching your teaching episodes, assess your own teaching through a well conceived and comprehensive reflection.

    Note: Your teaching episodes will probably span a period of time, i.e. a few weeks, a month, or longer.

  • Teaching Demonstration STUDENT LEARNING Reflection Video Essay (1 to 2 pages per teaching episode)

    After watching your teaching episodes, assess the learning of your students through a well conceived and comprehensive reflection.


  • Resume

    Updated resume (use this as the “cover sheet” for your portfolio)


  • Personal Statement/Philosophy of Music Education

    Personal statement between three and five pages reflecting on your learning process and growth with regard to your musicianship, scholarship and pedagogy.

    Note: Include a statement of your philosophy of music education as it is reflected in the materials in your portfolio.

Submitting Your Portfolio

  • Submit your portfolio digitally to the Music Education Program Administrative Associate: Malika Amraoui,
  • All files must be saved as Word or PDF files and labeled clearly.
  • Be sure to scan in all performance programs, photographs and/or other archival artifacts you wish to include in your portfolio.

Due Dates

  • October graduation: August 1st
  • February graduation: December 1st
  • May graduation: April 15th

Student Services

The Teachers College Office of Graduate Life and Professional Development (GSLD) offers an array of resources that support our students’ academic and career development as well as social, cultural, recreational, and wellness programs.

Visit the GSLD website to learn more about these programs and facilities, which are available to all Hybrid Summer M.A. M&ME students.

TC Office of Card Services

Your University ID is your passport to Teachers College and Columbia University. Learn more about privileges that the University ID Card confers on the TC Card Services website.

Obtaining Your University Card

Students who begin the program with the Summer Residency can obtain their University ID Card by visiting the TC Office of Card Services:

Whittier Hall Suite 1B
1230 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027

Students who begin the program with online courses during the Spring term must be confirmed as online students before Teachers College can send them their Columbia University ID Card. The mailing fee is $15 for delivery.

Please visit the Obtaining an ID Card webpage for more information about photo submission requirements.

Computing and Information Services

Computing and Information Services (CIS) at Teachers College provides you with technical support, as well as other services and resources to enable your productive use of technologies for learning.

Support is available for these technologies and more:

The myTC Portal, TC Gmail, TC Apps, Qualtrics, Canvas and Moodle.

Service Desk

The Service Desk is your first point of contact for technical support for campus information technology services including:

  • Setting up hardware or software for the first time
  • Campus network, Internet and phone connections
  • College Internet accounts and passwords
  • PC and Mac Problems: Desktops and laptops must have a TC tag to be serviced by the Service Desk–The tag will say “Property of Teachers College”

You can contact us through any of these methods:

Self-Service: Click the red Service Desk icon on the myTC Portal
Phone: 212-678-3300
Drop-in: Grace Dodge 70 (Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.)

Service Desk Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
Evening and weekend support available only by appointment

Learn more about CIS Services and Resources on the Computing page of our website.

Technical Requirements for the Hybrid Summer M.A. M&ME Program

Supported Browsers

  • Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release.
  • We strongly recommend updating to the newest version of whatever browser you are using as well as the most up-to-date Flash plug-in.

Screen Size

  • Canvas is best viewed at a minimum of 1024×600, which is the average size of a notebook computer.

Computer Speed and Processor

  • Use a computer no older than five years when possible with a minimum of 1GB of RAM and a 2GHz processor.

Internet Speed

  • Asynchronous Courses: Canvas can accommodate low bandwidth environments. We recommend a minimum of 512 Kbps.
  • Synchronous Courses: Courses with Web conferencing sessions require a higher bandwidth. We recommend 100 Mbps.

My Uni

All students need to activate the free Columbia University Network ID (UNI) and email account to receive official College notices and access to necessary University systems and services, including courses via the myTC Portal. Several days after you have paid your tuition deposit, you will be able to activate your UNI. Visit the My UNI page on the University’s website to learn more about this critical tool and to activate your UNI.

MyTC Portal

MyTC Portal acts as the “door” to a set of resources that will be important for you at Teachers College. It enables you, for instance, to register for classes, check your financial aid status, and request technology support. The portal also includes links to courses, research groups, announcements, your personal profile, licensed software, and more. To access myTC Portal, select “myTC” from the upper right corner of the TC home page or go directly to the portal’s login page. The myTC Portal requires a University Network ID or UNI and a password. This password can only be obtained by activating your UNI or email account.

Career and Professional Support Through TC NEXT

Hybrid Summer Master of Arts in Music and Music Education students and alumni have access to TC NEXT, an exclusive suite of personalized career services. These cover general career planning; job hunting help such as resume reviews and mock interviews; and even workshops on financial management and self care.

The goal of TC NEXT is to empower you to build your personal brand and shape your trajectory on your own terms and timeline. Students have access to on-demand resources as well as regular interactive events through the year, with many events and services available virtually.

Guided by the NEXUS model, a research-based approach to professional development, every aspect of the TC NEXT programming supports one or more of six elements: Community, Strategy, Growth, Purpose, Identity, and Skill Building.

To find out more, watch an overview video or browse FAQs about TC Next.


As a Teachers College student, you have access not only to the vast array of resources and services available through the College’s Gottesman Libraries, but also to those of Columbia University’s other libraries and affiliates, including the Gabe M. Wiener Music & Arts Library. Additionally, students may use the New York Public Library of Performing Arts, located at Lincoln Center. You can learn more about Gottesman and other University libraries on their websites.

Leave of Absence Policy

Students enrolled in degree programs at Teachers College are expected to maintain continuous registration every Fall and Spring term. Students enrolled in Summer intensive programs are expected to be registered for coursework each Summer term. See the College’s Continuous Enrollment Policy.

This policy explains when, under appropriate circumstances, students may be permitted to take a leave of absence and be excused from the requirement of continuous registration.

Registration and Withdrawal Schedule

Please review the Registration Deadlines page for registration, add/drop and withdrawal deadlines, as well as for withdrawal refund policies.

Tuition Payment Due Dates

All payments are due by the opening day of the semester or on the official published due date. Payments received after the due date are subject to late fees. Please visit the Payment Deadlines page of the TC website for payment due dates and details about late payment fees.